Reviews of past Conferences


Dear Sir and IS maam,
My heartiest Congratulations for another very successful CUSP. It is truly the most eagerly looked forward to conference. I have to say that my favourite moment was the one where Dr Uma Ram showed the collage and the short talk that followed it. It is a moment which brought tears to every Mediscan family member's eye and one which will be remembered forever by me. This is the kind of love, respect and devotion that you generate, as it really feels like our success also.
I would like to Thank You not just for inviting me to CUSP but for having founded CUSP, as no other conference is such a powerhouse of information, which is also clinically useful. I also want to thank you for the very warm and amazing hospitality. It truly feels never being away from family and one is amongst people one cares for deeply and who reciprocate similar feelings.

Dr. Ritika Bhandari

Fetal Medicine Specialist

Dear All,
It was a pleasure to put together the gyn ultrasound workshop and the informal feedback we have got so far has been excellent. Thank you so much for your excellent presentations and interactions at the sessions. People have appreciate the way some complex topics were handled giving simple and clear messages.
It was a good learning experience.
Truly our job was made easy by all of you - thank you once again for your excellent talks and for making this a success. Once we get the photos and feedback forms put together we will mail you again.

Dr. Uma Ram

ObGyn Specialist

Dear Dr.Uma,
The show was great and your part was commendable.
It was a good learning experience.
I thank you, Prof.Suresh for including me.

Dr. S. Boopathy Vijayaraghavan

High-Resolution and Pediatric Sonography

Dear Organisers,
Thank you and I must say I had a great time in Chennai at CUSP12. PERSONALLY FOR ME THE SESSIONS ON PLACENTAL PATH (Dr Iona and Dr Jaiman) WERE VERY HELPFUL AS THAT IS THE NEW AREA WHERE WE ARE WORKING IN. Also the BDRI meeting was useful especially Dr Shreedhar's talk was inspiring.
I could say bye to Dr Indrani and Dr Sujatha but Dr Suresh was so busy that I decided not to bother him.

Dr. Koumudi Godbole

ObGyn Specialist

Dear Dr Nagalaxmi,
It was pleasure to meet you and your team. I am glad all of you liked the session and thank you for updating the feedback. My sincere thanks to you and Dr Indrani madam for organizing the workshop and the hospitality.

Dr. Dinesh

Dear Sir
It was very nice to have u in the workshop. Felt very comfortable. We had a very good feedback. At the end of the neonatal hip session we rapidly flashed the questions & discussed. All were able to Identify the structures in the sections. we were feeling satisfied. Its my duty to inform u also.
Thank u once again from me & Dr. Indrani.

Dr. Nagalakshmi V

Fetal Medicine

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